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Identity and Access Management

Usually considered as an after thought, however, security needs to be identified and implemented from initial design decisions to operational deployment.

Electronic Board


Installation and Administration

Configuring VPNs, VLANs, NAT, and Firewalled ACLs will ensure the enclave has the proper data flows and end user access controls.

Social network concept


Website and Tools Development

Deploying free applications such as WordPress and Magento will provide initial functionality, but custom code needs to be added for completeness.

Data Cloud


Cloud and Virtualization

From physical servers to data center virtualization to the cloud, a well designed architecture needs to be the foundation for proper IaaS and PaaS.

Digital social media


Enterprise Linux Infrastructure

Streamlined Linux server deployments need to contain the surrounding mission critical applications such as DNS, LDAP, and Audit log servers. 

Server Installation


Open Source Administration

Implementing company policies, monitoring log files, maintaining patches and upgrades will keep an enterprise infrastructure functioning.

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